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Desert Storm Submission to OSIRIS_REX ,Desert Storm ,mixed media painting on photo paper , 2010 ,roula sorour[/caption]

We’r all at some point in time explorers trying to go beyond , to reach new frontiers by asking the same question , how can we make the world a better place to live in? No matter who we are, from astronauts ,engineers, architects, to artists, teachers and everything in between, including migrants looking for a safer place to live , we’r all seeking better futures and new horizons. With our aging and depleted planet , and with mass migration  reaching epic proportions, space exploration is needed more than ever before. Good luck from the bottom of my heart to @OSIRISREx and everyone envolved in the mission to explore the Bennu asteroid!!

Storm ,my ongoing series

mixed media painting

Toxic mode , mixed media on canvas , 2014

This is one of the most recent painting part of Storm,  a series depicting virtual landscapes reminiscent of the state of the world we live in.
During disaster and wars , objects or bits and pieces of them, change color, texture, and are almost unrecognisable due to the violence of wars or  the weather conditions :fog, smoke, etc…
 Flying in the air or floating on water, they adopt  the most unpredictable path. They might end up anywhere depending on the  direction of the winds or the  current carrying them… a bit like the path of the thousands of refugees these days…

Hiroshima ,mixed media on photo paper, Exhibited within the Art for Life event ,Japanese Embassy, London (oct.2014)


Hiroshima was inspired by one of WWII’s best kept secrets :during world war II the Japanese were conducting weather experiments by sending huge hydrogen paper balloons carrying measuring instruments to study currents ,winds…as they were doing so they discovered a strong air current that traveled across the Pacific at about 30,000 feet ,and so they trusted the winds and the weather and replaced the measuring instruments with bombs and thousands of balloon bombs floated soundlessly across the Pacific Ocean and reached America. The only successful attempt was the unfortunate death of five kids who were having a picnic with their teacher. The story is quite touching as I could easily identify with both sides of the conflict, and it immediately struck a chord in my heart as it reminded me of the thousands of people who died from land mines in Lebanon.

More on this story by National Geographic:

Japan’s Secret WWII Balloon Weapon

I know someone out there is surprised why he did his last bid ,yet is not the owner of the painting. Sincere apologies it wasn’t clear to anyone that my work had a reserve price , it wasn’t my fault and there was nothing I could do about it!