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The Kipling Spirit - roula Sorour

The Kipling Spirit , Hahnemühle Bright White Photo Rag mounted on Dibond, by roula sorour 150x90cm , Ed.1/1 – 2017 V&A Museum, John Madejski Garden, designed by Kim Wilkie, London, England, early 21th century ©Victoria and Albert Museum, London

This is part of an ongoing series, where i am using museum’s facades and photos from museum’s archives, to build fictional realities  pertaining to current events. The technique is varied, mainly envolving mixed media over printed digitally manipulated photos. The series is an homage to museums, these unique very dynamic yet meditational places where new connections between seemingly unrelated objets or events are established and where past and present are being woven together to come up with new narratives, questioning the past and imagining the future.

I’ve always sat in awe admiring the great brick facade of the V&A. Little did i know that Lockwood Kipling (Rudyard Kipling’s father)started his career as an architectural sculptor at the South Kensington Museum (later renamed the Victoria and Albert Museum) . That wonderful exhibition made it so clear to me that Britain’s greatness like that of the V&A relies so much on cultural diversity.