I gave up on my dream, but I still believe it’s a great idea!

Super interesting 2 day event at AUB with #UXBEIRUT ! So many inspirational moments and great tips. Yesterday I applied my first learned lesson : @pstojanov123 ‘s art of failing smart ! And so I decided to move on and forget all about my dream of a virtual museum on a virtual land !! ( check previous post) for so many reasons i’d rather not get into. Guys i still believe it’s a great idea , it is up in the air (physically and litterally:)!) for anyone to grab and work on.

And no need for arcona or any other blockchain platform to build it on:) !!

Just get a VR/AR specialist , u don’t even need to map Beit Beirut( this will definitly save you time sweat money and frustration) . Get Bernard Khoury and the artists’s consent. For the success of the project top of your list should include artists who approached war in a very conceptual way such as : Walid Raad, Joanna Hadjitomas and Khalil Joreich, Lamia Joreige , Akram Zaatari etc

Nada Sehnaoui’s toilet installation would be great too!

Should you need my help I’ll try as much as i can , good luck!

#art #ConceptualArt #AR #VR #augmentedreality #virtualreality #beirut #architecture #museum

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