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The Gatekeepers

The gatekeepers

Roula Sorour , The Gatekeepers, Dyassec mounted print,  283x76cm

In a period of enviromental crisis. one might, at first sight, think this work is about the environment, pollution and our oceans , the disruption of the natural cycle in nature …

However I only drew my inspiration from the power of nature in order to approach a more insidious form of power , that of the gatekeepers and their tremendous control of the world we live in.

From Cerber to the modern age ones, gatekeepers have always existed, and are everywhere censoring scientists journalists and even artists for saying an inconveniant truth.
They come in different shapes forms and colors,can be visible or transparent , and keep evolving! They belong to different worlds from the digital algorithmical editing of the web ( Eli Pariser’s ted talk)  to the cultural and everything in between .

Like sharks they decide who/what  is to be made visible or to disappear…