Inspiration behind my Dracula Untold Remix for Universal Pictures/Talenthouse:

I love challenges and a couple of weeks ago i took the challenge to remix the track of a horror movie (you can check it here) , something i never thought I would do as I absolutely dislike this genre of movies. Exorcist was the last horror movie I had seen and I promised myself never to watch a horror movie again. Why did I take the challenge then? Simply because I had recently dealt with a very big institution, was very disappointed by the level of competence of some of the people in charge and realized this must be one of the reasons why the world is in such a big mess! So I needed to vent out my anger and frustration and this was the perfect way to do that. Life taught me to learn from bad experiences move on and forget; So I will not go into details. Adopting the evasive approach à la Donnelly (more on that in my previous post) could be very healthy. Million thanks to Universal Studios and Talenthouse for the opportunity. It was great fun participating and a wonderful opportunity to discover great tracks! As with every project, I start with something, in this case, the desire to vent my frustration and end up in a completely different place. Half way through the project it occurred to me that IS is the Dracula of the present time, spreading terror and violence and sucking the blood of innocents. And so, I dedicate this track to all the innocent victims of this terrible group.

As I am a self taught composer I did some Online research about how to compose for horror movies and Will Forbis’s article is the one that helped me the most. Check here.

Also special thanks to Eric Whitacre’s article about Advice for the Emerging Composer , as when I read it, I decided to participate in this and many other competitions. Check here.

Also special thanks also to Christopher Young , his interview was quite inspiring. Check here.


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