Do I have the right to expose a dad who was too busy interacting with friends on his mobile and seemed to be ignoring completely his kid over a sunday lunch. What if it was a one off? Quickly I took a picture , went to the father ,told him am an artist and asked for his permission to use it. He smiled and told me please go ahead take more if you need.I went back to my table and took a few more but the first picture was the best.
If he knew the photo would be submitted to familydom I am sure he would not have given me the permission! I had in mind to expose the impact of social media and indirectly photography on the family. Photo sharing is a double edged sword that can drive people closer or further apart depending on how you use it.
Back home I looked at the picture and felt a bit mean , why do I need to cast a light on this particular family ?Arent’ we all somehow guilty of that same crime,?Don’t we all fall sometimes into the trap of giving more attention to our virtual than real family ? myself included! I needed to expose that problem and not this dad in particular. And so I decided I had to manipulate the photo in such a way as to make it unrecognisable for anyone to guess who is in it or where it was taken.
This is the first of a new serie that will be based on this one picture I took that sunday afternoon.


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